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Innovate and grow your digital business with our proven enterprise architecture platform solutions

Our Multiverse platform provides you the scalable, flexible and cost-effective foundation to build winning digital products and embed them into an ecosystem of partners.

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The Future of Business is embedded...

Acquiring all your own customers is a thing of the past.

Services are becoming digitized and embedded into partner companies' user journeys.

To stay competitive, you can't be limited by technology that can't sufficiently scale, or quickly and cost-effectively integrate with new networks.

Providing your customers with a winning experience means innovating and delivering products that beat competitors to market and work right from day one.

This requires flexible, scalable, and future-proof architecture that allows you to rapidly, easily, and affordably connect to everything and everyone, and sell embedded products without limits.

...and that's why we created Sirius.

We provide flexible and scalable enterprise architecture that enables you to innovate and form embedded ecosystems
  • Flexible Systems

    Seamlessly manage all your technology with modern, flexible architecture that's adaptable and secure

  • Legacy-Free Integration

    Easily integrate into new partner networks on existing systems, without the risk and high cost of re-platforming

  • Scalable Platform

    High-speed, highly-scalable architecture that won't be slowed by heavy user traffic or demands

  • Composable Solutions

    Make experimentation and customization affordable and fast with modular software components that are easily modified

  • Multiverse Platform

    Operations, management, and integration platform that scales applications and keeps your costs low

  • Open X Flows

    Industry specific orchestration set-ups layer maximizing efficiency of business flows

  • Composable Solutions

    Modular software executing specific tasks following set business logic

  • Professional Services

    Working with clients and delivering implementation, customization, maintenance, support, and education

Sirius's Success Stories

We understand that a digital transformation requires thoughtful planning with an agile approach. That's why leadingenterprises have Sirius as their trusted partner on their digital transformation journey.

  • Top Three Bank
    in Colombia

    The Challenge

    Wanted to set up a challenger bank offering new and innovative digital products, but limited by legacy system flexibility

    What We Achieved

    New product time-to-market
    reduced by +80%

    Runtime troubleshooting reduced from six-weeks to real-time with Multiverse single portal view, preventing problems from starting

  • Top Three Securities
    Brokerage in Thailand

    The Challenge

    Needed an entire integrated trading platform across all asset types, offering white label brokerage solutions and ability to integrate with stock exchange and legacy systems

    What We Achieved

    Developed and implemented an all-in-one trading platform on iOS, Android and Web, allowing for flexibility and scalability

  • Top Three Credit Card
    Company in Thailand

    The Challenge

    Required an entirely new platform in order to expand customer base, connect to partner networks, and offer new products

    What We Achieved

    Migrated client data to a new cloud platform and allowed new business to scale while remaining flexible

    Developed and implemented six front-end applications—-all running on Multiverse

Say Hello To Multiverse

The cloud native micro-services platform enabling scalable and flexible digital solutions from development to maintenance.

  • DesignDesign

    Domain driven design to guide modeling of all activities, making it easier to manage resources as needed

  • DevelopDevelop

    Best of breed DevOps automation with low code capability that allows you to focus on business logic

  • DeployDeploy

    Run your apps in a scalable runtime on a wide variety of deployment models across most mainstream infrastructure

  • OperateOperate

    Manage the health of your entire technology ecosystem in a single pane and prevent problems before they start

Speed up time to market and tailor new products to your ecosystem’s needs with our composable solutions.

Don’t build things from scratch: our embedded finance solutions make assembly, deployment, and testing of new product features quick, reliable and affordable.

  • iCredit

    Secure digital credit management solution with multiple integrated products and services

  • iSaving

    Digital bank account and transaction management solution

  • iWallet

    Digital wallet for online and offline payments

  • iMerchant

    POS, loyalty, marketing, and end services for merchants

  • Payment Hub

    Payment switch for flexible payment methods

  • iAsset

    Ability to create entire exchanges and trade digital assets, tokens, initial offerings

Open X Flows: the next-gen in ecosystem 
collaboration and digital technology inclusion.

Industry-specific orchestration setups that streamline the secure sharing of data between partners and customers,improving business processes and expanding opportunities for digital inclusion.

Fueling a world of embedded finance

Embedded finance enables companies with the ability to provide a financial service to their existing customers in a seamless, convenient, and authentic way that is naturally integrated into an experience at the point of context—without any end user effort.

This translates immediately to new revenue streams, stronger customer engagement, improved brand loyalty, and better product experience.

For consumers this means the improved quality of life and personal freedom associated with access to banking and commercial services—often for those who most lack access.

Unlocking the potential of the individual through digital inclusion into the modern, connected world has always been our primary mission.

It is why we do what we do.

It is Sirius’ goal to directly serve innovative and impactful organizations on their digital transformation journeys and empower them to integrate, innovate and scale more efficiently.

From Emerging Markets, 
For Emerging Markets.
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